Experiment 2: Direction

This project has greatly evolved since day one yet we've always been concerned with the human dimension of it all. We're still focusing on the question, how can typography cross cultural boundaries, and how can experimental typography serve as a bridge to fill the gap that is the communication breakdown. Essentially, we're interested in how can we create new ways for people to communicate where they could not before.

Over the weekend Jessie and I considered different possibilities for the next experiment and how we could build off of the previous one. We're interested in interaction and the possibilities of he digital realm. It would be interesting to build some type of interactive object that uses basic programming inputs and outputs, but we've yet to figure out how this is relevant.

So for our second experiment, Chris suggested we move out of the digital realm and possibly work with physical wireframes because interaction isn't two-dimensional. During class I was thinking, what if we created some type of messaging device. What if we focus on communication between two people. What if person A can communicate through one channel and receive feedback through another, while person B communicates in the reverse. Is this then commentary on cross culture communication? Is the experiment then in how each party encodes and decodes a message? I believe this may be the direction we head down this week so until next time, happy experimenting.

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