Night of the Loving Dead III: Only Fools Fall and Shove

This past Sunday McKenzie, Jessica and I attended our first bout! GO PAINS!

This was the first game of the year for the Dead Girl Derby League, which our interviewee Jackie aka Mega Manic invited us to. The bout began at 6 PM so she suggested we get there early because the line usually starts to build up quickly, and boy, she was not kidding!

The lineup for the evening was the Royals Pains vs. Shotgun Shelias and the Lovely Lethals vs Deadly Sirens. It may seem pretty obvious, but reading about roller derby and watching videos online does not compare to experiencing it first hand. Here's a visual walkthrough of our experience...

Pre-bout warm ups

A sold out event! Fans consist on majority of friends and family members.
Your host for the evening

Pre-bout referee introductions

Pre-bout team introductions - Shotgun Sheilas

Pre-bout team introductions - Royal Pains

Pre-bout team introductions 
A zebra huddle
The starting line 

The shot I got before the Sheilas pivot pushed the Pain's active jammer on us :O

Hips checks are acceptable contacts
There's always a ref following a Jammer
They call it the suicide seats for a reason!
Girls respectfully stopping in place due to injured skater

Shotgun Sheilas Win!

The End

More notes to come...

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