Logo Build: Production Process

In my previous concepting step I focused more on the how the logo would form and not not the background or environment in which the logo would exist in. A large visual character of the brand are stars and outer space. Conceptually, the stars in the 816 Recording sense alludes to the idea of stardom as outer space refers to real estate that their clients can claim and shine for all to see thus the tag line "Your Piece of the Sky". It only seemed both appropriate and important to represent those elements in the logo build. I developing the visual direction of the environment, I wanted to somehow create a sense of depth in a subtle way so not to overpower the movement of the primary element. In researching different ways to approach this space-like environment I found an after effects tutorial site that had a similar look and feel to what I imagined.

Here's some of my process:

The visual effects of the sky was much simpler than it appears. It was created using layered fractal noise effects, like in the image below, with a curvilinear adjustment layer on top of all of them to create the spiraling effect you'll see in the video.

Video Copilot After Effects tutorials

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