Logo Build: 10 Framed Sketch

In the previous step we created a 5 frame storyboard, one frame for every second. This time we're refining our concepts using a 10 frame storyboard, which would equate to one frame for every half-second. Breaking down the logo build this way helps to visualize the movements and helps in timing the sequences. In my sketch below the build will begin with a close up of the needle, which will then rotate to reveal the constellations. Once the needle makes it around, the camera will slightly pan down to reveal more of the needle form as the wings swing up from the bottom of the screen causing the camera to follow it upwards. After the wings make it's full extension up it will flap back down and pan the camera down to reveal the 816 Recording type. Finally, the camera will zoom out to reveal the full logo and the tagline will fade in.

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