Folley Jazz Series: Poster Check List

During class today I teamed up with Jessie Ren to critique our 10 iterations for our previous concept directions. In general, my dated color pallet and type choice wouldn't be very appealing to a younger audience, which misses a major objective for this project. I believe I was more successful in communicating the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra's (VJO) music and the fact that they are a big band in my iterations such as the directions with the illustrated band and bending instruments. In regards to visibility, my directions with higher foreground and background contrast were easier to pick up. The entry point in majority of my compositions occurs mainly where multiple forms interact and create a dominant visual tension, while the type is secondary because it lacks contrast. The use of multiple instruments and musicians are visual codes that allude to the big band aspect of VJO while the rendering method sparks a playful and joyous emotions. Lastly, in regards to the distractions, other than the dated colors, the compositions are very cluttered, and various textures have to strong of a presence.

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