Folley Jazz Series: Concept Sketches

During this phase of the project we were asked to create 15 sketches considering typography, rendering style, and composition of our 3 chosen matrix trope directions (5 per each direction). My first direction, which is the first row of sketches below, focuses on how the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra plays so uniformly that they are pretty much a one man band. In my sketches I played with different ways of combining instruments to appear as one large instrument. In my second direction, I wanted to express the progressive nature of the band. In my sketches, I played with different variations of bending instruments climbing up a progressive notes, which act as stairs. The last row is an exaggeration of the size and sound of the band. Visually, I tried to create an explosion of instruments and people coming out of a small stage. After the critique with Chuck Haddix, my sketches seem to be visually similar to classic Vanguard Jazz Orchestra posters. However, my first direction pertaining to the uniformity of the band is least communicative of the band, because it says one man band more than a big band.

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