Folley Jazz Series: Form & Rhetoric Trope Explorations

After many hours of listening to the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra here are the signs I've chosen that I feel represents them:

1. Technical Fingers
2. Stars
3. Ensemble
4. Jazz Club (Stage)
5. Dissonant (Sounds)
6. New York City
7. Vanguard
8. Fresh
9. Blend
10. Smiles

Three Concepts:

The three sketches below are the concepts I'll be moving forwards with. Beginning with the one on the left, the sketch is a pun for the word "vanguard". The music notes show progression and look like stairs for the instruments of the band to contort their way up. The middle sketch is fell under irony for my "jazz club (stage)" sign. The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra is a traditional big band and in some critic reviews they joke about how all 16 of them fit on stage. The last sketch is a hyperbole for my ensemble sign. As I mentioned there are 16 of them, but their music is so united that they could be one complex instrument like a one man band.

Form Explorations:

In my form exploration I tried to focus on a few different approaches: translucent paint, heavy paint, illustration, calligraphy, digital vector, half tone, and high contrast. While some interesting things happened, I'm not satisfied with the amount of exploration so there will be more to come.

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