Project 5: 7 Deadly Sins PART II

I'm very happy to be able to work on this project again. Although it was the objective, last semester, I felt that a website wasn't the right platform for this particular piece. It wanted something more, but I just wasn't sure what it wanted to be. During my mid semester review with Tyler I had mentioned that I wanted to explore live action footage more because I haven't really done so yet. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I believe in the conversation that Tyler mentioned that my 7 Deadly Sins project from last semester could definitely move, and EUREKA! An idea is born.

Originally, the project focused on body language, color, facial expressions and props to communicate the sin. All of these elements in the translation will remain the same, but now with the addition of sound and motion. Due to our timeframe, I choose to focus on only one sin, pride.

Briefly, I sought out to explore the idea of how can typography be captured and manipulated with live action film and so I developed these objectives for myself:

- Interact with typography through live action film
- Clearly express the word (sin) being manipulated
- Work with multiple channel interactions such as video, type and sound

The concept of my original representation of this sin was that pride is something that is in your face and wants to show off. So for my motion piece, the character comes in to the screen, notices the viewer, and immediately initiates a pose off. The video ends with the character throwing throwing its pride in your face.

So, what did I learn? (chuckle chuckle)

It may only be a 10 second video, but for me, I feel like this was a pivotal moment for me as a designer. Most of the time, I can usually calculate in my head if a project is doable, but this time it raised a lot of red flags, but my gut feeling told me to go for it. Anyways, during this project I had deal a lot with troubleshooting. I learned the importance of planning and preparation in regards to pre-production. Specifically, what items I'll need for production such as props and outfits for consistency and the importance of lighting. Another challenge I faced was learning new software. For this project I began to begin to explore Cinema 4D, because I've learned in the past that the best way to learn these types of skills is by making it a limitation. If cinema 4d is the only program I can use, then hell, I better learn it because my success/failure depends on it.

Lastly, I can't believe I pulled this off within this crazy timeframe!

Ok, I'm good now.

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