Reading Response: Web Design is 95% Typography

I agree with Oliver Reichenstein, typography does plays a large role in web design. The internet is a pre-mature concept compared to how long typography has been around. Maybe we're still high on the sensationalism and stuck in the same gimmicky getups of early web design, because we had no idea what would become of the internet if we took a couple of steps. I think we've grown up so it's time to trade in those kiddie shoes for some loafers and get to the point. According to Reichenstein, web design is about information and communication so designers should firstly design with regards to the message just as typographers had in print design back in the days. I believe the importance of typographic hierarchy in web design will only prove to be more necessary as the amount of content continues to grow and complexity of information increases. As for the critics in Reichenstein's response to the reactions, I feel many of the negative opinions overlook the ultimate message Reichenstein was trying to get across, which is exactly that, communicating the message.

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