The History of Motion Graphics

Sometimes I get so absorbed into the here and now that it's almost strange to think about motion graphics in any way other than what it is today. I suppose this is where I mention the importance of where we came from in order to move forwards. Anyways, I believe the definition they provide, is an accurate yet loaded definition, "motion design is the art of bringing graphic design to life through animation." Its a complicated statement because what is graphic design really?

The video mentions that motions graphics began during the emergence of cinema. However, I believe the concept of motion is something that is innate in human beings, because we move and so does our world. So if our world is like a moving picture then one could argue that a static image is like a single frame from a larger motion piece. Maybe I'm going on a rant, but where motion graphics is now is just a more complex development of when the first caveman made a representational image on a cave wall. The next step of capturing our world would be photography, then the sequence of still images to create moving pictures. What I'm getting at is that with the advancement of technology and man, has a direct influence on complexity of motion graphics. Motion graphics now is the interaction of multiple means of representation.

The one area of motion graphics the video didn't really touch on was interactive design. Motion is no longer just a linear designer controlled narrative. People can now interact with moving graphics and vice versa.

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