Union Station: Wireframe Directions

From our previous phase, Jessie and I made some major changes in the direction of our narrative. Originally, the interface was very much linear in regards to the nostalgic train riding process. During this revision process we struggled to maintain the train experience through the elements of the ticket, clocks and etc. while allowing for a more non-linear interface. We both wanted to keep the ticket as entry point to the experience, so we resolved this issue by allowing the timeline to sit on the back of the ticket. The next challenge we encountered was the issue of our so called "information graphic." We previously had horizontal train lines, which moved up and down without purpose. In order to further emphasize our story of how trains became insignificant in relationship to new developing technology, we divided the our train tracks into two categories: union station details and national details. The ups and downs allude to the idea of progression and digression in a loose manner.

Direction 01:

Direction 02:

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