Union Station: Wireframe Concepting

In developing our concepts for Union Station, Jessie Ren and I sought out to recreate the journey and nostalgia of riding the train in our first approach. The user would begin the experience by receiving a ticket at the ticket booth, then prompted to choose a decade while in the waiting hall. Lastly the user will be taken to the platform where the content of the decade will reside. The user will use the train as a scroll bar for various content. In addition, the gentleman at the ticket booth would act as a tour guide to help clarify directions and to change decades.

Direction 01 
In our second approach, we wanted to focus on the concept of turning back the hands of time. The old clock is very iconic of Union Station as well as relative to time. In order to choose a decade, the user would literally drag the hand to the desired decade. After the decade has been selected, the imagery in the background would change to a photo from the time period as the clock would slide upwards out of the frame. The image would have various hot spots that the user can interact with to access more content about the time.

Direction 02

Revision of Direction 01:

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