Magazine: Opener Iterations

Finally we jump into project three, which overlaps with our semester long culture project from visual communication II. In this project we'll develop a magazine layout about an article pertaining to our culture which also incorporates the information graphics we recently completed. Some of the main objectives of the project include selecting the content, organizing the information, and developing an engaging and dynamic reading experience using a cohesive grid system.

In the first step we were asked to carefully choose an article and develop some position on it. I found this as an opportunity to further explore an area of Polynesian culture that has intrigued me from the beginning, tattoos. In my spreads I brought in the triangle element I've been exploring in Jamie's class as it alludes to the imaginary geographic triangle created from the islands, which is often referred to as the Polynesian Triangle.

One element of a magazine that really interested me were the folios. So in my process I began creating my rule set by first, strategically placing the folios in different areas then, considered how the other elements could interact with them. I also tried to explore different ways to represent the culture and the contents of the article through my formal decisions. The one key idea that kept circling back to me was structure. Polynesian design was often geometric such as in their wood carvings and tattoo design. For one of my iterations I chose to angle all of the graphic elements and even the text to allude to the culture and create a more dynamic layout.

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