Information Graphic: Digital Skeletons

In this step we focused on creating the skeletons of our information graphics out of our previous sketches. During class Jamie discussed Hiebert's "Graphic Design Sources" then we partnered up to critique our work. Although this steps isn't as concerned with aesthetic choices, Patrick made a great suggestion about making all of the graphic elements reflect the shapes of my icons. The biggest issues I had in this round was figuring out how to arrange like information together, simplifying, and looking out for confusing instances. By confusing instances, I mean watching for moments where the info graphs could be read by the viewer in a different way such as in the "Length of Ceremonies" diagram. I wanted to use the overlays to point out which bar that information was detailing, but it acted similar to the issue of crossing lines, the viewer could accidentally follow the line into the wrong data.

Meeting House Utilities

Social Hierarchy

Tattoos & Status

Length of Ceremonies

Music Purposes

Classes of War Clubs

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