Information Graphics: Sketches

After the research phase of the assignment we moved into plotting information into diagrams that met the three types of data-types: temporal, spatial and quantitative. We were also asked to include multiple icons within each info graph, which I found the most difficult in this step. I found myself using my icons as labels that represented a concept. In some instances I tried to use the icon to represent itself such as in the "Classes of War Clubs" or "Meeting House Utilities" in which the house acts as a housing unit for the other icons. It was also difficult trying to create quantitative info graph because I wasn't able to find much numerical information so I was forced to think of quantity in other means. Again, in my meeting house info graph, I couldn't find any numerical data, yet I had a bunch of non-numerical research on different usages so used that info to develop my quantitative information.

Lengths of Warclubs

Fishing & Religion
Classes of War clubs
Tattoos and Status
Social Hierarchy
Uses of Songs
Meeting house utility

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