Reading Response: "The numbers man."

"I hope that when people read my reports, they reflect on their year, their travel or wonder about the best grilled cheese sandwich they had."

The article "The number man." is an interview of Nicholas Felton on his Annual Reports conducted by Eye Magazine. Nicholas Felton is a designer based in New York who is known for his information graphics and has worked for clients such as CNN, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Wired and much more. However, Felton is most notably known for his self-authored Feltron Annual Reports which are catalogs of moments and details of his life visualized into compelling graphics.

While the graphics alone are pleasing to look at, Felton's reports are more than just a collection of random details of his life, they are an example of how information can transcend beyond it's immediate content and become something more, like a narrative. In context to the current assignment, I believe we should be mindful of Felton's example. According to Felton he continues to create the reports because he is able to find new approaches and significance within the information. With this in mind, there essentially is an endless amount of ways to visualize information but it is our role as the designer to spend time to fully understand and explore the data and allow it to take shape.

Article Source: The numbers man.
Image Credit: http://elisavaprofessionals.com

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