Find + Share: Waiting For 'Superman'

I wanted to share a video that I came across last semester that not only touches on an issue that is important to me, but also helped sparked my interest in motion graphics. In my opinion, this piece is extremely compelling in it's layering of multiple elements: sound, verbal language, written language, graphic elements such as symbols and icons set in motion in a two minute time frame. Each element complements and reinforces each other to create an informative, moving and visually striking info graph that blows my mind.

Because of the linear quality of time in a motion graphic, the piece is narrative in it's nature. In the video, language is being communicated simultaneously in both a verbal and graphic manner. The verbal dialog reinforces the idea of a narrative because the information is being relayed in a sequential manner. The hierarchical use of language also causes the viewer to focus on the spoken language which then allows the graphic language to play a secondary role that cleverly reinforces it. Graphic elements are used in a variety of ways to represent and illustrate the information. For instance, when the narrator states "Americans rate 20th in graduation rates," the graphics are used in a way that physically and accurately represents the amount while using the American flag to call out it's position.

Lastly the encompassing use of sound sets a serious tone that is fitting for the urgency of the message. I could probably spend all night analyzing the various elements of this piece, but I'll wrap it up. It is the multi-faceted use of verbal and visual communication that makes this piece extremely accessible and successful.

Here's another form of a diagram on a similar topic on reforming public education that is more illustrative and sequential if you are interested in the one above.

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