April Greiman Lecture Poster: Poster Iterations

In this step I began moving forwards with my concept of parallel spaces of the digital, physical and mental landscapes. One important point Marty wanted us to keep in mind from the previous critique was how can our use of type convey our concept in addition to our image, because essentially the two should reinforce and complement each other. In my posters I tried to use image, type and graphic elements to push a different level of dimensionality that also worked together to create unified duality of space. After critiquing with Tyler, it was agreed that poster no. 001 below was the most successful in unifying each element while maintaining the objective of typographic hierarchy of information. However, he suggested that I push the dimensionality of April Greiman's name to the extent I did in poster no. 004 and maybe also include my own process of photographing 2D objects 3D space to create the dimensionality.

no. 001

no. 002

no. 003

no. 004

no. 005

no. 006


  1. I think I am in love with your posters! Can't wait to see the final all plotted and whatnot!

  2. Thanks, Jessie! I'm excited about yours too! I feel like I could just jump into your poster and go swimming with the pixels.