April Greiman Lecture Poster: Poster Concepting

As a refresher, we were each given a designer to research and explore for the production of a hypothetical lecture poster. The poster should be both visually engaging to our audience, informative and raise interest for the event. During this step of the project we began concepting different ideas to move forwards with. For my posters I wanted to focus on this notion of physical, digital and mental time and space that I found repetitive in my research of April Greiman.

In my execution I tried to employ some of Greiman's formal approaches to create a sense of movement and depth through transparency, layering and perspective. However, after critique Marty had mentioned the fine line between being inspired by our designer and allowing their process to inform our formal decisions and mimicking, which I think I understand now. Now that I've taken this step to that point, in my process I need to make sure that I understand all my formal decisions and how those decisions work for my purposes but also allude to some aspect of Greiman in my own interpretation. (Not sure if this made any sense.)

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  1. This is nice. I was drawn towards your 2nd and 3rd designs from the top. how'd you make the orange-like background in your 3rd design?