7 Deadly Sins Iterations

My previous framing for my images were restraining my body language range so I re-shot this weekend allowing myself more space to move. This round feels more resolved then the previous one and it also helped me identify the weaker sins in my set, which are lust, sloth and envy. During Friday's critique it was mentioned that my lust image seemed more about longing, which is what I sought out to do. I wanted to take a less sexual approach to lust, but I feel it's still not communicating as strongly as some of my other compositions. Tyler had also mentioned allowing us to use Photoshop a bit more although he doesn't want us relying on it to create our images. In this set I used Photoshop to change my background to colors that relate to the sin. The addition of the color really helps add some more visual interest and is more of what I initially visualized in the beginning of this project.

1. Gluttony

2. Pride

3. Sloth

4. Greed

5. Wrath

6. Envy

7. Lust

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