Icons Final Deliverable

For my icon set I wanted to capture the vibrant energy of the Polynesian culture. Using geometric shapes to compose majority of the icons conceptually alludes to the primary decorative art form of the Polynesians, wood carving. The subtle asymmetrical imperfections of the forms create a rhythm that is representative of the drum beats often used in rituals and ceremonies. I chose to use large fragmentation for legibility purposes in scaling and also to create a boldness in the icon. In regards to cohesion, each icon was created from a flat frontal perspective and required at least one major fragmentation. In context to color, I created a one, two and three color icon set. The darkest shade of the three colors in the two color set is used to identify a distinctive quality of the artifact while it is used to define the overall shape in the three color set.

Throughout this process I struggled to balance the objectives: cohesion, legibility and concept. Nevertheless I learned many new and vital skills along the way. In the beginning steps of the project it was difficult for me to figure out how to simplify these decorative objects without taking away too much information. The concept of working additively and subtractively were key elements the entire process. Creating and exercising a rule set for ones icons was the most difficult aspect of this assignment. Understanding when to keep them and when to move in a different direction was important to maintain a cohesive set.

Final Color Set:

Linear Development:

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