Virtual Critique

Below are 6 of my spread and cover iterations.


War Clubs
 Fish Hooks
Meeting House
Royalty Jewelry


  1. These are great Sam. Nice job taking your work to the next level since last class. Keep questioning and refining!

    I like these cover options but they seem slightly incongruent with the rest of the book. Unify the cover (elements) with the inside spreads and/or vice versa. And be sure your formal decisions support the culture.

    Go with the triangle typeface combo but work on the contrast, scale and spatial relationship (to the image, to the values, to the frame).

    The grid paper seems an odd choice (it gives more contemporary, technical connotations). However, the textural background conveys a nice tone.

    The spreads with overlap are particularly successful. Those without overlap lack depth and feel empty.

    The triangle concept is great (be sure to talk about it!) and is visually successful in the tiki spread because it contains multiple images.

    The meeting house spread needs extra attention because the shape of the house competes with the triangle motif. That's a tough one to crack but you can do it!

    I would like you to explore text/labels in the spreads. Do a version with and without. Since a few of the objects are unfamiliar it would benefit the viewer to offer more information. You've enjoyed researching the culture so think of this book as an opportunity to educate others.

  2. I really enjoy the tone of the first cover