Bruce Lee

Bruce Jun Fan Lee was born in San Francisco California to Chinese opera comedian and actor Lee Hoi Chuen and his wife Grace Ho. Although he was born in the states, he was raised in Hong Kong where he studied Wing Chun style gung fu from the infamous Master Yip Man. Although Lee was not the best academic student, he excelled in other activities such as gung fu, dancing (specifically the Cha Cha) and acting. At the age of 18 Lee emigrated to America to claim his U.S. citizenship and to receive a higher education. Lee majored in philosophy at the University of Washington and his love for gung fu drove him to study the underlying philosophies behind the art form. "In this way he was completing his education as a true martial artist in the time-honored Chinese sense of one whose knowledge encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the arts." It was during this time that Lee began opening his own schools to teach martial arts where he led with to gain roles in television and films. He is considered one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century and is truly a cultural icon.

I grew up on VHS tapes of Bruce Lee films so it seems right for me to honor him in this assignment. Although Bruce Lee was known for his martial arts, there is definitely more than meets his fists of fury. I want to stray away from the overly stereotypical perceptions of him and really showcase his unique energy.

Here's a random image from my process. You've got to start somewhere...

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The Bruce Lee Foundation
"Bruce Lee: Swagger of a Dragon" from Planet Ill

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  1. ha ha! excited to see new facets visualized for this amazing persona.