People of the Triangle

I'm very interested in learning about different cultures and this project afforded me the opportunity to pick a people group I'm not very familiar with to study. For this reason I chose Polynesia, it's an area of the globe I'm not so familiar with and tend to overlook, but after a week of research I guess you could sat that I've developed an affinity for these people.

Geographically, Polynesia is a series of islands (beautiful ones to be exact) that exist within a imaginary triangle which is often referred to as the Polynesian Triangle. The three values I've chosen clearly represents the essence of these people, they are a spiritual people, they believe in community and are compassionate to each other and to strangers. My intent for this book is to really showcase the beauty of the culture and to teach the viewer something new about it. I would love for my viewer to feel the same kind of excitement I felt when I learned something about the culture.

In context to formal decisions, I've decided to take elements from both covers and both spreads below. For the cover I'm using the title "People of the Triangle" from the lower cover and combining it with the geography of the above cover. I plan to change the treatment of the imagery to be more organic and tactile. As for the layout, I plan to combine the content clarity of the lower spread with the concept of the above spread to create a more layered and dynamic layout.

Designs to further explore and move forwards with:

Other proposed covers & layouts:

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