Design Quote

"To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought worth remembering."

 - Thomas Manss

Thomas Manns is a German graphic designer based in London. He began his career at Erik Spiekermann and has moved on to work at Sedley Place Design, and Pentagram before moving on to start his own studio in London, Thomas Mann & Company. Although I was unable to find when or where Manss’ had stated the quote above, I was able to find the context. Manss stated the quote in regards to book design, according to Manss, a book must be a desirable, valuable object, something that the client would like to own. To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought that’s worth remembering. The idea can take various shapes: a three-dimensional texture of the cover, metallised paper, a cover reminiscent of an old-fashioned photo album. The design formula remains unchanged: it’s a combination of logic and surprise.

I chose Manss' quote because I felt that it spoke to both designers and non-designers. Design can be seen everywhere in our day to day life, some of it we notice immediately, while others we overlook. But in order to create design that remains with an individual, it requires a great deal of skill, intelligence, and passion. I want to inspire non-designers be more conscious about what it takes to create design and encourage designers to be more thoughtful in creating design.

Photo credit: http://www.manss.com/


  1. Nice summary and inclusion of why the quote is meaningful for you. It's great that you are considering diverse audiences for your postcard (designers and non designers).