Pleased to Meet You - Process

For our first project in Image Making we were asked to create a book using a series of three photos that represented us. First an icon, secondly an index and lastly a symbol. When I began the assignment I wanted to create a narrative and have all three images relate. Some sets were more controlled while others were created in the moment at a particular time in a particular place. This way all three forms of representation would exist in my environment at that moment and reflect the mood/emotion.

During critique it was interesting for me to hear how my classmates interpreted my photos. I don't think I was successful in clearly communicating the side of myself that I wanted everyone to see. However, at the same time I was unable to put the sets of images next to each other as they were intended to be seen. Moving forwards I want to continue with the photographs of the cut out images because I really enjoy the tactility of creating analog objects and juxtaposing them digitally.




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