In my previous blog I forgot to explain the current project so I'll take a moment now to do so, I apologize in advance for the lengthiness.

For this first project we were asked to create letterpressed postcards to help inform the average Kansas City residents who attend First Fridays in the Crossroads about what design is. We first researched a quote about design and the context of the quote such as who stated it, for what reason and at what time. The main objective of the project is to understand how to use typographical hierarchy to effect meaning. Other objectives include working under the limitations of letterpress printing and learning what letterpress printing can provide in comparison to other methods.

During this phase of the assignment we've taken our quotes and devised 14 different variations of typographical hierarchy to communicate our message. With a partner, we then narrowed our options to the strongest two sketches that communicate two different meanings. After taking the suggested revisions to edit our sketches we converted them digitally to help have a better understanding of the end product then moved to the letterpress. I learned so much about letterpress printing and setting type by hand after one day, it's unbelievable. This process would have been more enjoyable and more efficient if we had two chases so someone could always be printing while some else is in queue locking their type. Although this process was difficult and time consuming I still enjoyed it, there's nothing like pulling the print off the press to see the outcome after so much preparation.

Some Process Documentation:

A word to the wise, START EARLY, don't wait till the last minute to print because it can't be rushed.


  1. You're right about the chase. Maybe we can find one on ebay? Glad you enjoyed printing and are learning about letterpressing through making!

  2. Possibly, but I'm wondering if we'd have to find a chase for that particular press because it has that notch locking system. It'll probably make the search more difficult, but I'll try looking around the web. I really do want to enhance our printing facility/equipment at least before I graduate.