VC: Semester Reflection

I want to start by acknowledging how quickly the semester went by, but I'm really pleased with the growth I've seen in my classmates and myself. The one objective spanning from project to project that I've struggled the most with is understanding how to clearly communicate an idea and how the formal decisions I make can influence that idea. Looking back to the dot project, I didn't have a clear understanding of my concept and therefore many formal decisions I made concerning imagery were mostly arbitrary. I was really disappointed with the outcome of the final artifact, but I was determined to continue to move forwards in project two. I honestly feel that I made a great deal of progress in project two in regards to this objective. I attempted to question my formal decisions more frequently throughout the process to prevent weakening my overall execution of the concept.

Another objective that I struggled with was learning how to work collaboratively. In the beginning of the semester there were other things that made this task difficult the first being that most of us had never really worked collaboratively before. Also, not knowing my partners strengths or weaknesses and just trying to get a handle of the material as an individual. It was a definite struggle in figuring out how to compromise ideas, manage time schedules and divide workloads. Going to the panel discussion and the studio tour helped me to understand the possibility of collaborative work and I feel that majority of the struggle is attitude change. Realizing that working creatively with another individual has different possibilities than working individually.

Moving forwards into next semester, there is much knowledge to be carried over:
1. Understanding when an idea isn't working or is being exhausted and deciding what steps need to be made
2. Continue iterating as much as possible in order to explore all possibilities
3. Making sure formal decisions correspond with concept
4. Taking risks

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