VC: Past Project Critique


This poster is from the first round of combining line studies with photograph to create analog posters. To refresh, the image paired with the line study was a door mark created from opening and closing the door throughout the years. Conceptually I wanted to communicate the vintage quality of Union Station. When I created this poster I felt like I needed to give more context as to how the mark was created and where it was located in order to enhance the concept so I included the image of the doors.

Although I wanted to show a correlation between the doors and the line study, the relationship isn't clear. The scale between line study in comparison to the actual line mark is much greater which creates a disconnect. In addition the black bar holding the type further creates a division between the top half and lower half so the overall relationship is non existent.

Another issue that is evident is image dominance. Jamie had mentioned that if we were to add other imagery into our posters the line study must be more prominent. In my poster the photo of the doors has more of a presence while the line study becomes a secondary visual. As I mentioned earlier, the black band creates a division between the top half and lower half. It also prevents the viewer's eyes from moving to the lower half so the viewer gets stuck in the photo of the doors. Lastly, the type is extremely large, which also causes the line study to move lower in the hierarchy of the poster.

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