VC: Haiku - Final Statement & Artifact

There were three main objectives to this project: (1) exploiting properties of non-traditional tools; (2) understanding mark making as an aesthetic, expressive and perceptual phenomenon; and (3) exploring symbiotic relationships of concept and form. The poetic nature of this assignment allowed for a bit more open interpretation of our chosen haiku so, conceptually, I wanted to focus on the conflict between man versus nature. Man, as a destructive force that possesses the power and nature as the innocent and weak force at the mercy of man.

Dirty Bath water
where can I pour you?… 
insects singing in the grass


In regards to the symbol creation and mark making objective of this assignment, my partner and I collected items that pertained to bathing, nature and analog musical instruments. I used only man-made objects to compose the first two lines of the haiku because I felt those lines spoke more directly about man. For the last line of my poem I used only organic materials, specifically grass, to create the symbol of the insect. By using specific objects to form each symbol, it helps to reinforces the distinction between man and nature.

Moving into motion, I wanted the combination of form and sound to create a reflective narrative of consequence from the perspective of man that was lighthearted with a serious tone. My choice of music alludes to both the human figure and the insect. The bright chirping sound in the clip represents the innocent insect. It exists through the entirety of animation as a reminder of its presence although insects may not always be visible. The sequence from the first symbol to second symbol alludes to how water spins as it goes down a drain. However, the rotation flashes back to a point in time where the water has not been poured yet. Then the water is poured to reveal the insect, which is happily singing in the grass. Finally, at the end of the clip the sound fades while the camera pans away from the insect into the white where the symbol of the dirty bath-water begins to fades in. This sequence is extremely critical because I wanted it to illustrate the consequence of how the pollution of man can effect nature. Overall, I'm very pleased with the overall process and outcome of this project. I feel like I've developed a greater appreciation and sensitivity for haikus and poetry in general.

To see the full animation click on the image below or click here.

Song credit: Miss You by Starfucker


  1. Great insight and specificity.

  2. I'm glad to see you integrated some of Frankie's feedback from the final crit.