VC: Time & Motion with Lupton

I never got around to writing a post about this reading, but it was extremely helpful as an introduction into motion. Lupton essentially put into words the various principles that we've been exploring through the entirety of this semester that were the fundamental steps. For instance, in the previous dot project we really utilized the notion of implied motion by cropping a dots off the page to appear as if they were exiting or entering. For this assignment we're moving on into something a bit more literal and actually putting still images into motion on a time-line.

As Lupton states, all animation consists of change over time such as a change in position, rotation, scale, shape color, depth, transparency or a combination of any of these. In our current project we're taking our created symbols and using these methods to help reinforce the idea we are wanting to communicate. To help organize and sort out thoughts, motion graphic designers use storyboards to help us summarize and identify key moments of change overtime. Storyboards can determine the flow as well as express the personality, emotions, and gestures of the objects.

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