T1: Reach Out And Read - Round II

For this round of the project we took our three concept ideas and digitalized them. During critique, Julie and Kelsey who are juniors helped us choose a direction to move forward with.

Fuel for the Future:
For the poster below, I wanted to focus on the idea of books being the fuel for a child's future. The biggest issue that came up during critique was communication. Overall, the poster doesn't convey the concept, because it lacks context to books and a parent figure. To help communicate the idea better, Julie mentioned moving the letters from the body to the head and maybe making the "FUEL" title the same pinkish color as the letters.

Later, after critique, I was trying to figure out how to give more context to books without making the composition cheesy or lame. Marty suggested that I think along the line of adding some reference to books in the background like a bookshelf. So, first, I need to resolve the issues mentioned during critique and then I really need to push the iterations in very different directions, but maintain the concept.


Planning for Success:
For this poster I wanted to focus on how reading with children can influence a child's future through a mind map. Again, my issue was communication along with the composition being too busy.

For a Brighter Future:
I wanted to start off by saying that I enjoyed making these happy people and I'm glad I got good feedback on them. Anyways, for this poster I was trying to speak to both the parent and the community, because not all children are financially equal. It also touches on the saying, "it takes a village to raise a child," because it's not just parents that can get involved with this cause. The poster isn't really typographically dominant and it moves away from the direction of the contest.


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