VC: It is beautiful...then gone

Martin Venezky is a graphic designer and owner of the firm, Appetite Engineers, and is also a professor of graduate and undergraduate design studies at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. He is known for his unique aesthetic taste of design by cutting, pasting, and juxtaposing type from old books, collaging found signs and making his own photographs.

Venezky works with hundreds of elements at a time that may appear random at first glance, but according to him, no object goes unconsidered. While constructing his pieces he works in a slow and concentrated process and according to Venezky, he has no ideology when it comes to the construction of a composition and that he proceeds according to no preconceived plan. There are often multiple connections from one piece to the next, sometimes they are obvious formal connections such as color, subject matter and related objects. While other times they are odd or surprising, but again, nothing is unconsidered. He works in both an additive and subtractive manner, because the relationship between objects work at one point time then become awkward later.

In relation to our Taxonomy book assignment with our partner, we're taking our marks and combining them to create an organized artifact. As we've discussed in class there are multiple ways to organize by tool, concept and how the mark was made. We should take cues from Venezky and approach this project by really considering each mark and their relationship to other marks.

As a side note Venezky apparently loves cats.

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  1. Yes, apparently that is his own pet cat that features predominately in his work.