T1: Layouts - Round II & Final Layout

For this round we picked our two strongest layouts to refine, but I somehow ended up with three to play around with. For the layout below, I decreased the font size of my properties because they were too large and cluttered. I also got rid of the graphic element that mirrored the monogram so the layout would be less symmetrical and static.
layout 01

From the previous layout I've greatly decreased the font size of the properties so it wouldn't overpower the text. Then I left aligned everything because before I had a mixture of left and right aligned text which made it inconsistent.

layout 02

For my third layout I got rid of the row of properties that existed on the right side and aligned my title with an element of the monogram. I had a lot of issues trying to place the image below the text so it would lead your eye off the page, but instead both iterations just look disconnected from the first page.

layout 03 - A
Layout 03 - B

Final Layout:

Since I had a lot of issues with placing the image, Marty suggested that I flip it and make it larger. The image tends to creates awkward spaces due to the "L" shape of the image so after flipping it I moved the second paragraph into that awkward space and it really help solved the problem. Now I feel that there is a nice balance between the title and the line of little people.

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