CFP: New Blog Layout

This weekend I had some extra time so I re-designed my blog layout, because I think I want to keep my process blog separate from my wordpress page. I wanted a simple layout with different shades of gray and a pop of color. Seamless patterns don't really suit my tastes, but I felt like I needed something in the background so I went with a dirt texture to play off of the vintage blurry feel of the header. I think things that look old, dirty and rusty are really beautiful because there is so much history behind it. The photo I used in the header was taken with a Holga camera last summer. I have particular memories and sentimental feelings tied with the image so I wanted to use it in my header as a reminder of who I am.


  1. This looks nice Sam, your photograph has an eery feel to it too.

  2. I guess I'm an eerie person, don't mess with me little girl

  3. this is really nice, sam. i dig.