VC: Vector vs. Bitmap

Bitmap based images are composed of a numerous amount of pixels on a grid and are best for photographs that require complex colors or tonalities.The image is like a mosaic of pixels with each pixel holding a specific information or color value. The biggest problem with bitmaps is that they aren't easily scalable since each bitmap-based image is mapped to a non-flexible grid. If a bitmap-based image were to be enlarged, it would lose its sharpness. All edges within the image would appear to be jagged. In relation to our assignment, the tonalities in an image would be suitable, for instance, if the neighborhood is historic. The greyness and softness would add to the overall concept.

Vector based images are usually best for elements that need clean curves and shapes. Each element is defined mathematically by the computer. Vectors are more suitable for illustrations that require precise measurements and are also easily scalable. However, the vector-based file format has its drawbacks as well. It is not good for displaying photo-realistic images such as a photograph because images of this type generally do not contain well-defined shapes and curves. In context to the assignment, vectors worked best in describing young neighborhoods. The cleanliness of the lines and forms show it's modernness.

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