T1: Cover/Title Proposals

Below are my proposed titles, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting the typeface to work in the circle. I've tried sketching, but it doesn't help as much when I try to reproduce it in inDesign and moving the letters around in inDesign is more helpful visually, but it's not efficient. I might need to try to do this again analogue.

Cover 1:
I tried to keep this one fairly simple. The "flash" is thinner and bigger to mimic the flash of a camera while "clash" is bolder to give a strength.

Cover 2:
Similar concept to the one above just off-set a bit and about the same size.

Cover 3:
The overall shape of this composition mimics a "flash," but also appears as if the two are struggling with the shared "a."

Cover 4:
I kind of like this one, but I don't think it works well with the cover and the design itself is still unresolved. I've been messing with this one for quite awhile and nothing seems to be working.

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  1. Sam,

    Covers 1 and 3 are working best. (4 is great compositionally, but not within the circle and it doesn't really convey a flash)

    Cover 1: Needs to feel more "flash like", so consider enlarging the text and letting it break out of the frame. Just leave enough so that it is legible.

    Cover 3: Watch the kerning and be consistent: relationship of s to h in 'flash' vs. 'clash'. Are you slightly enlarging the letters as they go out? You may consider trying all one size or letting the text break the circle. Just ideas to try.

    I'm not sure about the red, but talk with Jamie about that in class.