VC: Layers & Transparency

Relate it to the current project phase and post your reflection.
How does the combination of type compositions and image/graphic compositions impact the viewer's comprehension of your selected theme? How does it impact the aesthetics of the book? How does the interplay of control and serendipity impact your final artifact?  

I really enjoyed this reading and how Lupton describes the different forms of layering and transparencies that we interact with. In relation to our project, we're at the stage of organizing all the layers we've collected throughout the process to create a richer narrative and meaning. The various forms of layering that Lupton mentions are completely relevant to our project such as temporal layering. In a sense, we the designers are like conductors composing music with different layers of instruments that interact simultaneously to create a more complex sound. In the project, there are various elements occurring at the same time to help communicate our theme: imagery, materials, type, and composition. The theme of my book deals with the relationship of celebrities and the paparazzi so I focused imagery on three different celebrities: Marlyn Monroe, Madonna and Lady Gaga. However, it is in the manner in which I crop these images and place them that will influence how the reader will comprehend some of the story. Because there are readable text and imagery, Katherine McCoy's research is also visible in this assignment. The idea that people can read an image for embedded connotations and content and see text for graphic characteristics is how the viewer is interpreting the theme. Lupton also discusses transparency and how it can be used to combine and contrast ideas as well as linking levels of content. For example, In my project I'm using transparent red material to show how the paparazzi exaggerates the content they are portraying. The imagery is only one layer, but with this physical transparency, I'm attempting to create a more complex meaning. This project enables us to create visual layers as well as conceptual layers. It's important for each element to be able to stand alone, but when combined should enhances each other. Another aspect of this assignment is that we planned the typographic compositions separately from the dot compositions. Although we have control of both separately, when combined, they will hopefully create something serendipitous. Due to the fact that we don't have complete control over the final artifact, it could drastically impact our final product for better or worse. However, I feel that if the elements we can control are strong then the element of serendipity can somewhat be controlled.

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  1. I really enjoy your analogy to music conductors.

    "This project enables us to create visual layers as well as conceptual layers." Great observation Sam! Here would be a perfect time to insert an image from your own project as "an example" that shows the conceptual and visual layers being employed.

    I want to hear from you more in 1-on-1. And your classmates can only benefit from your ability to draw connections between what you read and what you do.