T1: Round 2 & 3 *Ding Ding*

We had individual critiques with Marty for round one and small group critiques for round two. The images below are a comparison of what corrected from the most recent critique. Most of the changes are subtle, because they were mostly refinements from round one.

After the first round, Marty suggested that I have one thing being swarmed so for the second round I made one bolder. However, in the small group critique David and Jumper suggested that I make it darker so that it will be more visible. For round 3 I changed the weight of the middle font from "regular" to "black", which is darker than "regular" but not as heavy as "bold."

Round 2 - EDIT
Round 3 - FINAL

I had a lot of issues with praise from round one and for this second critique I still haven't got it yet. I wrote down notes about all the compositions I needed to edit, but for some reason I didn't write anything down about this word. I probably need to ask David, Jumper or Kyndra, because my mind is drawing a blank. 

Round 2 - EDIT
Round 2 - X
Round 3

The only issue with the composition from the last critique was leaving room for the binding so I just moved it over some.

Round 2 - FINAL

There were a couple of issues brought up during the second critique that made this composition confusing: the spacing, the weight shift, and the backwards texts. I tried to play with the direction the letter appeared to be facing and regardless which way you read it one group of letters is ignoring the other. In my 3rd attempt, I got rid of the spacing and kept the weight shift and backwards text. If I flipped the text back, I think it would still communicate the word, but I feel that it's more readily available when I keep it backwards. Also, the boldness of the weight shift causes the viewer to begin reading from the "ig", which also makes it easier to read and also create two different characters.

Round 2 - EDIT
Round 3 - FINAL

In the last critique the idea was there, but the overall composition was not appealing. In this round I used lowercase letters and move the whole composition over, because I forgot to keep the binding in mind.

Round 2 - FINAL


Round 2 - EDIT
Round 3 -FINAL

This word was a tough one, because I wanted to keep the disguise subtle and not too obvious. I'm not sure why the images below appear to be two different sizes, because they're the same in real life. In my first attempt I brought in another letter to do the disguise, but Marty suggested that I try to combine two letters in the word rather than bringing in another. In round two I combined the "S" and the "E", but in critique it wasn't very effective so in my 3rd attempt I combines the "U" and "G."

Round 2 - EDIT

For this composition I forgot to leave space for the binding so I moved it over some.

Round 2 - FINAL

I moved the "O" and the "D" up from the first critique, but now there is an awkward space between the "O" and the "Y." In the third round, I simply moved up the "Y" to get rid of the space.

Round 2 - EDIT
Round 3 - FINAL

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  1. SAM -

    Regarding Praise: we recommended combining the boldness of composition 2, with the legibility of composition 3.