CFP: Itten's Color Star

Color is more mathematical than I expected and I'm terrible at math. I will usually find my way around, but it will probably take me longer than the non-mathematically challenged individual. For example, in order to find the median of two numbers I had to write them out like this: 40-50-60-70-80-90-100. I know it's not very efficient, but it works for me. An issue that I'm noticing in the image below that I didn't notice while I was working on my color star is how much lighter the tints appear. My computer is older compared to some of my classmate's computers so my monitor might not be as true to color as it appears. I also had a lot of issues finding a distinct hue difference between Orange, Red Orange and Red and I tried to adjust the angle of my screen, but it didn't help much. Another thing I don't understand is why the colors appears different on the JPEG file compared to the ai file.

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  1. Just a guess: Your files might look different because the AI file might be in CMYK and the JPEG might be RGB. The different color modes use color differently. Also the compression of the JPEG might have something to do with it.