VC: Field of Tension by Meggs

"Field of tension" by Meggs, as the title suggests, discusses different ways to organize space and create a dynamic field of tension. These tensions are created between the relationship of graphic elements and the edges of the page. For example, creating relationships by running forms off the edges of the page, having extreme contrast in size and scale or diagonal movements and counter movements are some ways that produce this tension. One example of an artist that uses these techniques that Meggs describes is "New Dutch Poster Graphics" by Cheryl A. Brzezinski. In her poster, Brzezinski uses a variety of techniques to create tension. Although her piece is divided between black and tan, the overall piece is unified through the use of her graphic elements, positive and negative space, layering, scale and line movement. Before I read Meggs' analysis of Brezinski's poster, it didn't really appeal to me. However now that I have a better understanding of the techniques she's using, I'm very impressed. The way she layers her images and balances the composition by pulling some elements from the dark area into the light and the light into the dark are most intriguing to me.

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