Typographic Anatomy *Viewer Discretion Advised*

Since we've studied the anatomy of typography, I thought I should post Andreas Scheiger's version of typographic anatomy. Scheiger was inspired to create these pieces after reading an excerpt from Frederic W. Goudy´s "The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering." According to Scheiger, he began to see letters as organisms and typefaces as species, that are all classified similar to biological taxonomy. After reading his statement, I find his work a bit theatrical. Scheiger acts as if he's a scientist who collected these letter specimens from nature and the photos you see below are documentations of his research. Here's an excerpt from his statement:

"I surgically opened the letters S, Z, S, A, W and how contented I was to discover muscles, veins, tendons and bone just like the ones shared by so many living creatures."

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  1. So gross, but so cool. I like the Spine on that 'S'. *shiver*