SX: Self Assessment

Oh, how quickly time flies.

Every project has its high, low, and even medium moments. After internalizing these past couple of weeks I've learned a great deal. It's always nice to see how someone else works and thinks during partner projects. I worked with Jumper once for the line studies project so it's nice to be able to come full circle.

Anyways, I've learned from previous projects that with spatial work it's extremely important to get yourself within context as soon and as often as possible. This is one aspect of our process that I'm most proud of. While we're all familiar with the area after, it amazes me how much you don't notice when you're not actively trying to audit the space. Rather than searching google for how wide a street is, we ran outside with a measuring tape and discovered those elements on our own.

In developing our concept we didn't think to research and take into account the architecture of the buildings around campus. We were more focused on the student body that inhabited the environment and what they were passionate about.

In our form making we spent a lot of our time making sure everything was accurate and clear in regards to dimension and how we were representing our idea. Laying out our elements in a way that seemed legitimate in a sense was probably the other element I know we both enjoyed. However, maybe we were too focused on trying to make everything accurate and consistent that we may have missed an opportunity to build more of a narrative.

Moving into project two, I want to make sure I focus on telling a narrative and that I'm well researched before getting too ahead.

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