SX: Dieter Rams Process - 02

We've chosen to title our exhibition A Life by Design. Rams household products have significantly influenced the way we live. The name refers to the relationship between people and his body of work, but the format of the exhibition is also persona driven to demonstrate the evolution of his principles.

We've dedicated the lower level to creating the home experience. The upper level will be a space to reflect and hold more of the branding of the overall exhibition.

The expression of the exhibition can be read in more than one way. It plays off of the flexibility of his products and its relationship with people.

Mobile Experience
In the mobile experience, we've chosen a horizontal format to continue the language of the flexible shelving system. This application plays a significant role in our experience. In order create a more realistic home environment we've decided to keep the details of each product within the application. Visitors will have the option to follow the life of a few personas throughout time. (maturity, love, laughter, etc.)

Beginning Exploration

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