DP: Week 7

Video Concept

I plan to create three short videos from the perspective of the individual using Petree. They will be dialogues between two or more people about what they experienced after using the system. Each video will begins with "Dear [Insert Name Here]".


Styled Wireframes

Scenario 1:
The timeline focuses on telling the story of a family member throughout time in context to world events.


Scenario 2:
Petree is focused on exploration. Family members can sort organisms in the dish by age, gender, location, and even relationship. The connection feature lets you see snippets of content relating to an individual beginning with the most basic details such as where they live, and how many sibling they have. This scenario is focused on the curiosity of a kid raised in America who is interested in learning more about his cousin in Cambodia.

Scenario 3:
Storytelling is such a major part of family and being able to tell multiple perspectives of a moment in time is extremely important. If you haven't already guessed, this scenario is focused on collaborative storytelling. The example below doesn't match this statement, but it's an example of being within the explore space.


Motion Test
These are very basic and quick tests to help me start thinking is motion.

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