SX: Project One Process - 01

After walking around the school and scouting out locations in which directions would be necessary, Jumper and I started to think of concepts for our signage. Our first thoughts were of the materials, which would be inspired by the materials used in the different majors. The first concept we came up with deals with the individual artist vs. the school as a whole as shown through layering. 


Concept 1:
student -> departments -> school of fine arts/school of design -> kansas city art institute

For this concept the bright yellow is used to show the school's self-described essence of energy and activity. Layered on top of this yellow plane is a glass plate, which stands for the theoretical information that is imparted upon the student in their physical studios. These empirical studios are displayed in hard metal on top.

Directional Signage
Site Identifier / Traffic

This version uses bright pink to represent the essence of energy. A combination of various layered materials (glass, plastic, and metal) attached to an off-kilter base communicates the idea of diversity and unity.

Room Identifier / Directional Sign
Directional Sign
Site Identifier / Traffic

Concept 2
The second concept comes from the growth in which a student undergoes in their formative years while in school. The use of scale changes is used to show this concept.

Directional Signage
Site Identifier / Traffic
This version uses semi-translucent plastic and revolves the kcai graphic within. Each department is associated with a color and material.

Preliminary Sketches
Here's some sketches of other ideas...

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