PP: Career Goals

This winter break I've had a lot of time to think about what I want to do with myself post graduation. I've always been interested in a lot things, and i suppose it seems natural to have multiple career aspirations. One of the goals that I've been much more interested in since Sophomore year and actively pursing is becoming an experiential designer.

It was during Sophomore year when Garrett Fuselier gave a lunch presentation on experiential design. At that time he was looking for a couple student collaborators to develop an interactive installation for the Flatiron Prow Space and since then I've been forever in awe. It just so happens that this semester I've been given the opportunity to pursue this area of design once again with the individual that first inspired me.

Like most people in studio, for the same reasons, I'm interested in moving to another city to continue to learn and challenge myself. However, there aren't many studios doing work like T2, they're an impressive group of people and I definitely wouldn't mind staying if it that plate was served. Regardless of what happens though, I'm hoping this experience will help open a couple doors in itself. There are a handful of studios that do similar work such as Second Story in Portland, Local Projects in New York, or maybe even Gravity Tank in Chicago.

In regards to developing a strategy of how to get to where I want to be, a lot of the steps I'm taking now are small and focused primarily on how to present myself/work to optimize my chances. For example, it's important for someone interested in more experiential/interactive work to have a well developed portfolio site that tells a meaningful story and creates an experience for viewers.

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