DP: Week 4

In order to give my scenarios a bit more focus, I've decided to hone in on developing three concepts: the past, the present, and the future. These three elements are intertwined and vital components in creating a holistic story.

As a side note, since so many of us are visual people, I've pull examples to help explain and visualize concepts. These inspirations are tools and by no means the solution to my project.


The Past:
 My first scenario focuses on showing the timeline of a family member's journey. In the example below, as you scroll through the photographer's adventure on the left, the point on the map to the left moves as the storyline progresses. For my family tree, there's opportunity to create more of a storybook like timeline. Adding the national news layer will help fill in missing gaps, but also provide global insight of the experience.

SRF Seidenstrasse
360 Degree Image

The Here & Now:
As of now, this scenario will be more of an exploration as to how family members can contribute and request content more directly. I know this sounds pretty vague right now mostly because I'd like to push the idea of how we're uploading media, but still in question as to how right now. I know it's difficult for my mom to want to talk about some aspects of the war. It can be extremely painful, so much that my sister has sworn to never ask her about the subject again. Maybe there's a different way to approach these moments

Back to the Future:
Lastly, the future will be focused on an individual exploring the system, using the advance search feature to pull up specific family data pertaining to their interest that will be visualized in some fashion, then drawing a conclusions based off of that information.


Note to Self
My next step is to go ahead and start gathering real and specific data to work with and begin developing low content wireframes. In writing this post I've sort of realized how large this could get so I just need to remind myself to narrow. It may be a situation where I just keep the idea within my site map and focus on very short, but vital moments.


Interface Research
I believe motion is extremely important in developing an interface. It's a large part of this project that I'm wanting to explore. After doing an audit and thinking back to the MX project this idea just because more apparent to me. I need to be thinking in motion so on top of developing the wireframes I should be doing motion experiments.

Below are some examples of interfaces I've gathered in my research that somehow aligned with the ideas in my head.

Main Space:
In my head I've been envisioning how to visualize my family tree and here's an example I found that's pretty close to what I've been tossing around.


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