DP: Process Book Layout

At its essence my project is about an individual learning of ones roots and understanding how its evolving. Roots grow, I want to be able to help multiple individuals or family units be able to maintain a consistent relationship with their roots. I believe this method, will create a strong foundation for that sense of community to really flourish.

With that said, in determining the layout and sequencing of information in this process book, I feel that it is necessary to really create an emotion response by focusing on real families and their stories. Beginning with my own family's background, then interviews with a diverse range of family units experiencing similar struggles, followed by an audit of technologies families use presently to communicate.

Production Notes: I'm interested in being able to create a very basic interactive process book alongside the requirement  (inDesign video embedding or iBook Author). Not sure if time will allow for this or if it's even worth it right now, but it may be interesting.


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