HANDBUILT Presentation

In the final stretch of it all, I believe Matthew and I were able to bring it together in the end. The biggest issue that needs to be resolved after presenting to the Nelson, are certain details on the cards themselves. However, in regards to everything else that came prior to today, lets just say it was definitely a challenge.

There are many aspects to this project that contributed to the difficulty of this task. One of the most challenging, I felt, was finding a balance between simplification and functionality. The introduction of user testing proved to be extremely insightful and a useful tool in the development of this project. In most everything we do, it's easy to get stuck in our own heads, so its important to get feedback and see if something is actually working.

Another challenge, Matthew and I struggled with was in how to frame and explain the presentation. In general this semester we both felt has been about learning how to present work and pitch ideas in an manner that is engaging and tells a narrative. We figured, what better way to explain our system then to show the system in action in the park where it will be held! As a side note, it's important to check the weather in scheduling a photo shoot outdoors.

What I found most interesting from the whole experience is how there are so many unique possibilities to engage children. I suppose this can be said about everything, but what is unique about designing for children is that you have to, in a sense, remove a grown up identities and learn to see the world again as a child.

Lastly, congratulations everyone on job well done!

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